Hello and thank you for purchasing (or at least considering) one of our premium themes. We take great pride in crafting them and sincerely hope they meet or exceed your expectations.

Of course, even the best themes sometimes have bugs or require a little help to get up and running smoothly and that's where our support comes in. Before submitting a support request though, we kindly ask that you read through all of the following.

Also, please remember that we offer support not because it is required by any particular marketplace but simply because we aim to provide the highest quality products and services possible.

Before asking questions

Before contacting support with any questions you may have, please be sure that you've read through the online documentation provided for the theme. It covers getting started, using the theme features and more. More often than not, you'll have the answer you're looking a lot sooner than if you were to submit a support request.

Scope of support

We're a small team which means we have limited resources to handle the volume of email we receive. Perhaps one day we'll have a dedicated support team but for now we're balancing our time between answering support inquiries and creating new themes. To ensure we're able to respond to everyone in a timely fashion we must place some limits on our support scope.

We happily offer support for:

  • Inquiries about an app or theme prior to purchase
  • Installing and setting up a new app or theme
  • App or theme features
  • App or theme bugs

We do not provide support for:

  • Theme customizations beyond the built-in theme settings
  • Issues arising from or use of third party apps or plugins
  • Issues occurring in Internet Explorer 8 or older
  • HTML, CSS, PHP, Liquid, JavaScript or any other code
  • Shopify, WordPress, Kirby or any other platforms we've created products for

If you have a question about something that isn't covered, please post it in our community forums.

The community forums

A place to ask questions, offer answers, share ideas and promote your sites.

We'll certainly monitor the forums and may jump in from time to time to answer questions but mainly we encourage you to help others by sharing your knowledge, experiences and achievements.

Support schedule

We do our best to answer support requests as quickly as possible. Because of the number of emails we receive though this generally means between 1-3 business days. In many cases it's much faster than that but we can't make any guarantees.

Theme customization

Learn about our theme customization services.